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Antenatal sessions in Wolverhampton

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Newborn Baby

Welcome to my comprehensive 12 hour in person antenatal course, held at Wombourne Village Hall, WV5 9DT, designed to empower expecting parents with knowledge, confidence and support as they journey into parenthood.

The course covers the essential topics to help you navigate pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood, ideal from 32 weeks pregnant. 

Course overview;

Preparing for labour and birth; Techniques for labour, understanding your different birthing options, stages of labour.

Pain management and relaxation techniques;

Explore various pain relief options during labour, including breathing, relaxation techniques and massage.

Support for partners;

Tips and strategies for partners to provide effective support during pregnancy, labour and birth.

Newborn care and baby essentials;
Practical skills for caring for a newborn, including bathing, nappies, sleep and soothing techniques.

Postpartum recovery and self care;
Understanding the physical and emotional changes after childbirth, selfcare strategies, and seeking support.

Parenting and bonding;
Building a strong bond with your baby, understanding how to support your baby's transition from the womb to the world, and nurturing emotional connections.


Throughout the sessions, there will be opportunity to ask questions, clarify doubts and engage with each other.

Through the course, you will be provided with evidence based information and support.

Join us for this comprehensive antenatal and embark on your parenthood journey with confidence and readiness.


Go to book online to book your space now or contact me to secure your spot and prepare for the arrival of your little one.

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Pregnant Belly
Pregnant Belly


Loved the class, Gina was so helpful and patient. I enjoyed chatting in a group about worries. I loved it all

Pregnant Belly


Gina was very helpful and answered lots of additional queries that came up during the course. I really enjoyed the practical exercises, such as babycare.  

Pregnant Belly


Courses were delivered in a good enjoyable manner and I felt  at ease. Gina was very professional. I enjoyed the real life tips and examples and the practical work stations.

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