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Thank you for visiting my page. My name is Gina and I have worked with families preparing for parenthood in Wolverhampton for many years.

For over nine years I have worked for the Breastfeeding Network supporting families feeding their babies and I have also trained and facilitated NCT antenatal courses in Wolverhampton.

Why choose Hollyblue?

I am an independent antenatal provider, who has a wealth of experience facilitating NCT antenatal courses for over 9 years. I am also a mother of two girls who are 10 & 12 years old.

I decided to set up HollyBlue Antenatal earlier this year to offer my experience and expertise to all families in Wolverhampton, Bridgnorth and surrounding areas, as an affordable option to antenatal classes.


I run smaller groups of 6 couples as this enables everyone to feel comfortable. This also gives me the flexibility to make sure all your questions are answered in the sessions and gives time for socialising too.

Alongside the sessions you will have free access to pre-recorded videos containing all the information you need for your feeding journey. 

During the last session there will also be a dedicated time to answer any questions you have about the videos.

I provide a variety of snacks and drinks during the sessions. These include decaf and caffeinated tea and coffee, squash and a variety of individually wrapped snacks, including vegan and gluten free.

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