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Maternal journaling sessions 

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Group journaling sessions

Journaling in a group provides a sense of community and belonging. At a time of some stress and transition, such as pregnancy or parenthood, group journaling can help combat feelings of isolation by creating a sense of shared experiences and solidarity among pregnant women and mothers.

Sharing your thoughts and experiences with others in similar situations fosters empathy, validation and understanding.


Being part of a regular group encourages regular journaling habits. Knowing that others are also journaling motivates you to stay consistent with your practice.

Group journaling encourages you to share and become aware of different viewpoints and experiences. This can lead to deeper insights, expanded understanding and new ideas.

Discussions about your journal entries (if you choose to share) encourage deeper reflection on personal experiences and feelings. Exploring different perspectives and interpretations can lead to a greater awareness and your own personal growth.

Group members can offer you support and encouragement. This can also help you gain clarity and overcome challenges.

Group journaling allows you to learn from each others experiences. It can also inspire motivation and give you new ideas of journaling techniques.

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