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Decoding antenatal classes; Why they're essential for your unique pregnancy journey.

Updated: Mar 10

Here are 8 reasons why the answer is yes!!

Congratulations! If your here then you are probably on your amazing journey to parenthood, whether you are pregnant for the first time or third time, every experience is so different.

Some women as soon as they are pregnant, know they will attend an antenatal class as their friends or family have attended one before. Others will sit on the fence not knowing whether the classes are worth the money or whether you will get the same information from a NHS antenatal course.

Some of the parents I have worked with have attended the NHS antenatal classes aswell as mine due to them being free, and have found them informative but mainly only covering labour and birth with no information for after the birth and how to care for your baby.

EDUCATION: By attending an antenatal course you will gain information on your options during labour and birth, giving you knowledge and information. They also provide information on areas such as pain relief, caesarean birth and induction. In paid for antenatal courses they will also cover how to look after your baby when they are born, such as sleeping, bathing, nappies and also postnatal topics too so you are more prepared for your baby.


Antenatal classes help you to prepare for the birth if your baby, through practical skills, such as breathing techniques and massage, you will also have the opportunity try changing a nappy and practicing how to place baby to sleep in the cot or Moses basket so you have had a little experience before your baby is born.


Attending the classes as a couple can help strengthen your bond. I have had it in the past where we have had a conversation on a subject ( to go straight to baby when they are crying or not, for example) and a couple had not talked about their idea or discussed their thoughts on that particular subject, so by attending the classes that gave them time to discuss and work out what was right for them. It is also a really beneficial way of partners to feel apart of the whole process and to help make decisions. You will then go into labour supporting each other and both feeling more knowledgeable and prepared.


For some couples or single parents to be one of the main factors of joining an antenatal class is to create a small village for support. A lot of women now work away from where they live, so may not know many people local. And some women move away from childhood friends and family, so a community in their local area is vital.

Meeting women who are pregnant and due to give birth around the same time as you can help with support and feeling less isolated.

When you join my course, there will be your own WhatsApp and also you can join my community group too: 'HollyBlue moms community group'.

Some women may want the information without the community - I offer 121's aswell as group sessions.


Most of the fear around childbirth comes from the fact that we do not see birth anymore as we used to years ago. Once something goes behind closed doors (hospital) we generally start to have fear as we do not know what to expect. Attending antenatal classes can take away that uncertainty as they give you the knowledge and information you need.


All antenatal practitioners are either health professionals or are experienced in their field.

Both options are as valuable as the other. I, for example have worked for the NCT for over 8 years, I have worked with over a thousand parents and I am also a parent of two girls. I have lots of experience and knowledge and I am always constantly learning and keeping upto date with new ideas and research. All of this I pass onto my parents.


Antenatal classes also cover postnatal topics, these maybe babycare, womb to world -how to support your baby to transition from the womb to the big outside world and how to cope with a crying baby. They may also cover how your body changes after the birth of your baby, what to expect and signs and symptom of postnatal depression. They may also look at how yours and your partners relationship may change and how to encourage connection.


By attending antenatal classes you will have a wealth of knowledge and information to build your confidence on your journey to parenthood.

Gina HollyBlue Antenatal

Four pregnant women sitting on chairs in a semi circle, looking at each other, talking and smiling
Pregnant women at an antenatal course


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