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Revitalise your Life: The Ultimate Guide to Self-Care Success

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Girl in Nature

When we think about self care, a lot of people, women especially can think of general necessities as self care, having a shower for example, can be confused with self care due to (if your lucky) having time to yourself especially for new mothers and parents.

But self-care is so much more than basic tasks, I've written down some ideas in this blog so you can ensure you practice self care, by choosing a few a week to nurture yourself.

Here is my guide to self care success;

Emotional Self Care

Just as important as physical self care. It involves learning how to identify and understand your emotions and accepting them as valid. All your emotions are part of you and by accepting them you will learn to love and accept yourself for who you are.

You can do this by journaling, talking to a friend, art, meditation, deep breathing exercises, practicing gratitude and positive affirmations.

Setting clear and healthy boundaries, spend time on your own with no distractions, practice mindfulness, being present in the moment and accepting your emotions without judgement.

Environmental Self Care

Your environment needs to be just right for you to thrive, motivate you, allow you to rest and recuperate and recharge you.

You can live in a calm and organised living space, if this means having a clear out, then go ahead, connect with nature as we know nature has mental and physical benefits, this can be to go outside and also bringing house plants into your rooms. Dance to your favourite music.

Financial Self Care

Having a healthy relationship with money, links in with your emotional health too, as it takes away anxiety and stress that can be related to money. Talking about money can help you through difficult times.

You can also set yourself financial goals, save money (remember pennies turn into pounds),

deal with debt, invest in your future.

Social Self Care

Self care is not about spending time alone, its also about maintaining healthy and positive relationships.

Stay connected to important people in your life, this doesn't necessary mean family. Hang out with friends who fill your cup and make you feel happy, limit time with negative people and set healthy boundaries, manage social commitments without overwhelming yourself.

Recreational Self Care

This means having fun and bringing joy into your life.

Have a pamper day, watch a good film or series, get creative and draw, paint or colour, go on a zipwire, swings, trampoline. Find some hobbies that bring joy and relaxation. Travel to new places.

Spiritual Self Care

All of the other areas of self care are about the physical side. Spiritual self care is about nurturing the soul.

You can meditate, spend time with nature, yoga and breathwork. Explore and connect with your spirituality whatever that means for you.

Self Care is not about spending lots of money, its about taking care and time for you. Try one or more of the above ideas (you may have some of your on ideas too) everyday.

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